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There can be few experiences more satisfying than wearing a shirt that has been created for your body alone. For those of us who have experienced the tyranny of compromising on a collar size or settling on a sleeve that is longer than should be, the opportunity to don a shirt that has been designed to follow the contours of your very own body is an instantly liberating experience.

At Whitcomb & Shaftesbury, our tradition in fine tailoring ensures that the experience of choosing a shirt is truly a pleasure. From the minute that the first of over a dozen measurements is taken, it becomes apparent that wearing a shirt will no longer be an exercise in compromise. With hundreds of fabrics and patterns to choose from and over a dozen cuff and collar styles, even the fussiest of customers will be satisfied.

Every shirt is made completely by hand with hand turned and hand attached pure canvas collars and hand stitched buttonholes in pure silk thread. Genuine mother of pearl buttons, removable brass collar stays and invisible single needle stitching provide the finishing touches to a beautiful garment.

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