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Wearing something expressly created for one's body and mind is an intoxicating luxury. After realising what such refined raiment can do for him both physically and psychologically, it is the rare man who does not become a convert for life. Even in today's culture of instant gratification, a large majority of the world's best-dressed men still go to the effort and expense of having their clothes custom made.


Custom-made apparel is the product of exact measurements taken for you, instead of an imaginary figure. Ready-to-wear garments, no matter how well altered, can never be as accurately fitted as one made by a skilled craftsman who constructs it especially for your body.


Our coats are fully handmade with floating canvases. All chests are hand felled and lapels and collars are hand padded. Edge tapes, hems and linings are completely felled by hand. Buttonholes are sewn with silk thread by hand. Trousers are made entirely by hand with hand-sewn curtained waistbands.

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