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What is yachting

What is yachting. Is it sailing, sailing, or the way to new horizons?

What is yachting. Is it sailing, sailing, or the way to new horizons?

The word “yachting” as well as the concept itself came into our vocabulary quite recently. Just 30 years ago in the former Soviet Union, no one had even heard of yachting and had no idea what it was. There was only the concept of “sailing”. Surprisingly, if you refer to Wikipedia, they’re still yachting, sailing and sailing are reduced to one denominator – sailing competitions. For the concept of “yachting,” this, it should be noted, is too narrow and limited an explanation. This short word encompasses a wide range of concepts in the world of maritime and sailing culture with an equal variety of individual activities and an entire industry in production, entertainment, sport and tourism. Let’s try to understand why yachting is not just about sailing.

Yachting, sailing and sailing

The word “yachting” in Russian is a borrowed word, from the English “yachting” and began to be used in Russian quite recently. Even in English, the word “yachting” is relatively new. It came into use in the 17th century thanks to King Charles II of England, who was the first to use yachts for recreation and entertainment. Before that, all sailing boats and seagoing vessels around the world had been used for trading, transport and fishing. Although there is still heated debate about the birthplace of yachting, whether in the Netherlands or England, many believe that, thanks to Charles II, it is England. And yachting, as a sailing sport, became particularly popular in England in the 19th century. Queen Victoria and her family owned a fleet of steam and sailing yachts at the royal residence on the Isle of Wight. And the home of yachting is still considered to be the town of Cowes, located on the island, where every summer the famous sailing festival, known to all fans of such events as “Cowes Week”, takes place. Today, yachting in England is not just a sport or a hobby, it is a way of life.

What is yachting. Is it sailing, sailing, or the way to new horizons?

It should be noted that in English there is also such a word as “sailing”, which is also quite often translated in Russian as “sailing”. In fact, this word means “sailing”. Not competition, but sailing for pleasure. And anything that has to do with sailing boats refers to sailing. In recent years, this word, as well as the word yachting, began to be used in Russian. Probably because the word is shorter, simpler, more understandable and laconic than “sailing”. As for many other yachting terms, they began to use short English words, despite the fact that in Russian there is a corresponding translation. For example – nautical arbor knot has long been called bowline, from the English “bow line”. But the word combination “sailing regata” means “sailing competition”, when the sailing boat is not just sailing for fun, but competing with rivals. Sailing regattas are divided into professional and amateur. Professional sailing regattas are the same sailing where professional yachtsmen who start sailing in their childhood compete.

Until the middle of the 20th century relaxation on a yacht was really the privilege of the elite, an attribute of the “sweet life”, so inaccessible and alluring. Only very rich people could afford such pastime, and moreover to become a yacht owner. Everything changed with the development of new technologies and creation of fiberglass and polyester materials, which were applied in yacht production. This started a real boom in the development of the yachting industry. One after another, a number of new sail and motor yacht building yards started to open and the oldest wooden yacht building companies started to start producing hulls from modern materials and produce low-cost sailing and motor yachts that made yachting more affordable. The first companies opened up to offer yachts for rent. Now, it was not necessary to become an owner of a yacht in order to spend time on the yacht. Not only the rich and the select few could afford to rent a yacht. One of the first major companies to begin offering yachts for rent, Sunsail partnered with sailboat builder Jeanneau Yachts, ordering yachts under the Sunsail brand and opening yacht bases around the world. Yacht tourism picks up speed and the development of yacht infrastructure – yacht clubs are opened, marinas are built, private yacht service companies are founded, wharfs and piers in coves are equipped. At the same time, navigation and satellite systems started to be developed and modernized. Becoming a yacht captain is no longer a distant dream. Yachting educational centers offering high quality education in a short period of time are opening one after another.

Today, “yachting” is not just a word, not just a boat trip or sailing competition. Yachting is a multi-faceted world of yachting, a convergence of manufacturing, engineering and innovation, sport, tourism and education, all of which have been created and continue to develop by long-time romantics, lovers of the sea, adventurers in love with the sea, for whom the yacht is not just a transport, but a true embodiment of boundless freedom, opening the way to unknown horizons.

What is a yachting girl?

A yachting girl is a young woman who enjoys spending time on luxury yachts.
Yachting girls are often seen as wealthy socialites who enjoy the finer things in life. Many of them are good at sailing, and enjoy spending their time on the open water. They often travel to exotic locations and spend their days lounging by the pool or sunbathing on deck.

What does yachting mean slang?

Yachting refers to the use of a yacht for recreation or sport. It can involve racing, cruising, or simply spending time on the water with friends and family. The term can also be used to describe the lifestyle associated with owning and operating a yacht. For many people, yachting is a luxurious hobby that allows them to enjoy the beauty of the open water while also indulging in their love of boats and sailing.

What is the difference between boating and yachting?

The main difference between boating and yachting is the type of vessel used. Boats are smaller, typically less than 30 feet long, while yachts are larger, often over 50 feet in length. Yachts tend to be more luxurious and expensive than boats, with features like multiple bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. They also usually have a crew of dedicated sailors to handle the vessel.
Yachting generally refers to leisurely cruising on a yacht, while boating can be either recreational or utilitarian. For example, someone might use a small boat to go fishing or water skiing on a lake, while others might use a yacht for luxurious vacations or parties at sea.

Is yachting the same as sailing?

It’s sailing. Yachting usually refers to sailing larger vessels (usually over 18 meters/60 ft in length) on longer trips, while sailing usually refers to sailing smaller vessels on shorter trips.

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