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Black men’s jeans: how to choose and with what to wear?

Black men's jeans

In the closet of almost every man there are black men’s jeans. Such a thing is considered practical: it can be used for office style, walking and attending events. Every self-respecting fashionista should familiarize themselves with how to choose and with what to wear black men’s jeans.

Variety of models black men’s jeans

Black men’s jeans consist of a wide range of models, where each person can choose the most suitable for their taste preferences option. Designers offer shortened models, shiny variations, tight, frayed and other positions in demand.

The following models are the most popular.


The classic is a basic item that should be present in every man’s closet. Some people believe that this variation is outdated, but this is not the case. For several seasons, fashion designers are trying to make these pants a trend.

The main advantage can be considered the fact that such a style is considered universal.

The black color paired with a straight cut and the complete absence of flashiness is a timeless classic. It can be combined with any shoes and outerwear.


A fashionable man who wants to demonstrate all the advantages of his figure will like a skinny version, with which you can focus attention on the area of the ankles. As a rule, most representatives of the strong sex have this part of the body in a pumped up state.

Black men's jeans


Wide black jeans have a lot of positive qualities. They are relevant for people of different height and build.

Thanks to their competent choice it is possible to hide certain disadvantages of the male physique.

The content of elastane in the fabric affects such an indicator as springiness. As a rule, a small concentration of elastane fiber is able to improve the quality of denim fabric.

Also, many men prefer these models because they are comfortable to move around in. They do not cause a feeling of discomfort while moving, even after a long walk, if you compare them to tight jeans.

From a medical point of view, the wide cut jeans are the best option for men’s health for a long time.

These jeans are usually fitted with lots of decorative details. Fashion designers add patch pockets, straps or chains. This looks very stylish and modern.

Fashion trends

At the moment there are many variations of black men’s jean pants that are among the trends. A significant portion of young people are buying for themselves skinnies. This is a tight jeans.

Previously, it was thought that such a thing may be located only in the women’s closet, but for a man it also looks very attractive.

Look good black skinny jeans paired with discreet decorative elements. This may include a small scuffs, cuts. If you approach the selection of the image with responsibility, you can look very fashionable and attract the eyes of others.

Among the connoisseurs of convenience are popular joggers, which have a free cut. They are the “golden mean” between the narrow pants and wide. Often they are called in another way – “jeans on an elastic band.

This is due to the fact that the bottom of the pants has this element, which attracts men who want to buy a fashionable option for their closet, but find the narrow models uncomfortable or inappropriate.

Fashion designers offer a wide range of these things. There are variations with decorative inserts, simple, high or low landing. A bright print is an organic option for such a model.

Scuffed jeans have been in the trend for several seasons. Choosing pants with scuffs, you should take into account the components of their decor: there are models with a gradient, cuts, rivets, patches more contrasting colors.

Designers each year try to amaze the audience with their ideas and offer a variety of solutions. Shiny pants gradually became common.

Shabby models belong to the category of things with an understated fit, which are designed for everyday use. This option would not be suitable for office work. Most young guys buy such a thing in order to go to a meeting with a girl, as it is believed that the fairer sex likes sloppy and brutal guys. It is such aged models of pants can emphasize style and creative thinking.

Jeans with cuffs draw attention to the ankles. An additional element in the form of cuffs can be called a functional thing in winter time. With their help, you can protect your legs from the effects of wind and negative temperatures.

Usually the cuffs repeat the color of the pants, but some designers offer bold individuals to buy variations where the cuff is contrasting.

Stretch jeans are characterized by practicality, feel good on the body and look good on the figure. The stretch fabric is endowed with elasticity, durability and breathability.

Some people think that all stretch jeans are tight options, but this is not true.

There are straight cut and skinny pants on the market with increased elasticity. They will look good on the hips without restricting movement. The advantage of the material is that it is not prone to stretching even with constant use, does not lose its appearance after washing.

In addition to the rich choice in terms of styles, black jeans may differ in terms of material. Based on their wishes and the weather outside, men can choose a thin variation for the summer weather, a denser fabric for winter or fall.

Some people opt for a coarse fabric, while others prefer stretch.

Black men's jeans

How to choose black men’s jeans?

Every man who seeks an ideal image, should know how to choose the right color for themselves jeans black, which are often also called rocker. By definition, any such black colored pants are rocker. But at the moment there is a wide range of presented models for different occasions and images.

The ideal body proportion for a representative of the strong half of humanity: legs that are longer than the torso, along with hips that are narrower than the shoulders.

If there are any deviations from the accepted standards, they can easily be hidden with the help of properly selected clothing.

Before buying jeans you should know the following key rules:

  • Length. At the bottom of the pants should not gather “accordion”.
  • The volume at the waist. The chosen model must be easy to fasten, not tightening the waist line. If you buy too loose jeans, they will give the figure extra centimeters and create folds.
  • Properly selected volume at the hips.
  • Tall men with long legs may look better with low-rise models where the bottom is also tapered. Also a variant with lapels may suit them.
  • To hide the legs that are not very straight, it is better to pay attention to a thing with a slight crimp. The vertical print should be abandoned.
  • For short legs you should buy pants with a high landing, which are devoid of scuffs and cuts. Narrow or wide versions will not work, straight cuts in this case will be the best choice.

What to wear?

Black jeans can be unmistakably called the favorite clothing of men, no matter how old he is and what social status he occupies. For this reason, everyone will be able to easily assemble his image and choose things that will be perfectly combined with each other. With the help of a high-quality and practical model, the representative of the strong sex will be able to create an original bow, which will be relevant for different purposes. Often black jeans replace the classic pants and used in office style. They are combined with jackets and shirts, creating interesting images.

To assemble a bow is simple enough: it is important to intelligently pick up the top, shoes with accessories to “hit” the trend.

The classic

For a similar image, it is best to choose black straight jeans, which will be combined with a light shirt. For such a bow will suit a jacket of blue, gray or beige color. A white shirt will give unnecessary rigor, so it is best to give it up.

If there is no strict dress code in the workplace, it is allowed to wear a bright shirt or T-shirt. A bright color scheme will look good paired with a classic bottom.

The shoes should be black or dark brown. The optimal option is a classic pair made of suede or genuine leather. Lacquer boots will not look with such pants.

Black men's jeans


To create a sporty image most often men buy jeans with cuffs. They harmonize well with a sweatshirt, hoodie or sweatshirt. You can also combine them with a longsleeve or t-shirt.

Look stylish and interesting look look, in which black jeans-joggers are combined with a gray knitted sweater with a hood. As outerwear you can use a leather jacket also in black with a decoration in the form of metal inserts.

On the feet will be appropriate leather sneakers.

For connoisseurs of layering you can choose the image, in which under the hoodie is worn a T-shirt. Camouflage print will look original. Tucking the t-shirt into the pants is not recommended.

Denim pants with cuffs together with a brightly colored sweatshirt look original. You can wear a knitted bomber over it. It is best to use white sneakers as shoes. In the winter season, the bomber can be replaced by a regular down jacket or ski jacket.


When creating such a bow you need to consider two aspects: style and wearing comfort.

The best choice to create a similar image is to combine black denim pants with a pullover with a V-neck. The color scheme is best to choose a warm one. An optimal variant – the color of coffee with milk or dark brown shades. The brown suede boots will add elegance to the image.

A beautiful example that is sure to attract attention is the use of a blue denim jacket, a white T-shirt and leather sneakers.

If you can find black sneakers with a white sole – the choice will not go unnoticed and the man is sure to get a reputation as a fashionista.

For fall, it is best to combine black pants with a brown cardigan. The collar of the large knit is currently in demand and is in trend.

The olive-colored longsleeve will give the image completeness and harmony.

On a date

Every man wants to impress the lady and show his irresistibility. This can be achieved by wearing straight cut jeans with lapels, add to the image a light gray T-shirt, over which a shirt in a check.

If it is cool outside, as accessories you can use a knitted scarf of voluminous type with a hat with small fields.

Accessories should be of black color. With the help of such elements will be able to add to the bow brutality and restraint.

In summer, it is better to combine black pants with a beige shirt and roll up its sleeves. Beige moccasins will look attractive on the legs.

It is important to remember that moccasins are worn on the bare foot.

The image of a rebel

With black denim pants to achieve the effect of rebelliousness is the easiest. To do this, just buy a white T-shirt, dilute the bow with sneakers and a leather jacket. This image has been popular for many years and always attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

For work such a variant is not suitable, but if the image is going to visit a concert or a walk, the man will be on top.

Which brand has the best black jeans for men?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. There are many factors that come into play when choosing the best brand of black jeans.
The first thing to consider is the style of black jeans you are looking for. Are they skinny, bootcut, or straight leg? Maybe you would prefer a flared leg or some other unique style? The material of the jeans is also important to consider. What do you prefer – cotton, polyester, or spandex? The price point of the jeans will also be an important factor in choosing which brand is best for you.
Finally, it’s worth considering what color black jean you want – dark wash denim or light wash denim?

What kind of jeans are in style 2022?

Jeans are a staple in the wardrobe of every man. They are versatile and can be worn with just about any outfit. So, what kind of jeans will be in style in 2022?
In 2022, it’s likely that you’ll see more people wearing distressed jeans. This is because they’re comfortable and look great with a t-shirt or button down shirt. You’ll also see more men wearing ripped jeans as well as boyfriend jeans.

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