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How to select a suiting accessories men’s jewelry

Men's accessories

Accessories for the men’s business suit

Regardless of all personal qualities, as before, you are greeted by the clothes, carefully and thoroughly examining the selected closet and accessories. Traditionally, an elegant image of a business man is based on a perfectly fitted suit, polished shoes and, of course, indispensable details. In this article we will talk about them.

A few words about the basic men’s closet

Men’s suits in 2016 are distinguished by a strict fit on the figure and in accordance with the seasonal are made in light and dark colors. The cut is preferred to choose a classic, in this case your image is sure to turn out stylish and relevant. The traditional cut of the men’s suit implies:

  • 2 or 3 buttons on the jacket;
  • the width of the lapel is from 7,5 to 9 cm;
  • thin, not too contrasting stripes and a small check, if the suit is made of tweed are acceptable.

A stylish business suit

For many men a serious problem becomes a question – how to choose a jacket, due to the fact that this element is not too common. First of all, it should harmonize with all the pants in the closet, but you should remember that the pants and the jacket of different shades in a set visually reduce the height.

Shirts and shirts, in accordance with the requirements of the dress code, should be white or light blue. If you plan an informal business meeting, you may use a shirt in pastel colors or in small stripes.

Men’s accessories – bringing the image to perfection

1. Tie.

This is a man’s favorite piece of clothing that can make up for the rest of his accessories. Many designers and stylists say that it is a tie that gives the image completeness, elegance and a truly business style.

How to choose the right accessory:

  • A monochrome tie harmonizes with shirts in thin stripes or small checks;
  • The color of the accessory and the shade of stripes (plaid) should not contrast;
  • a tie with a pattern should be matched to a monochrome shirt;
  • A correctly picked up tie ends at the level of the trouser belt buckle.

2. Shoes.

Another important accessory that can tell about the man as much as the suit and tie. A win-win choice for a business image – classic shoes made of genuine leather in dark colors.

A sign of bad taste – when the shoes are lighter than the pants and socks. Do not choose shoes with contrasting inserts. Socks should be chosen in a dark color scheme, they should cover the calves.

3. Portfolio.

As a rule, when choosing this accessory, few people pay attention to the most important criterion – size: it is determined in proportion to the growth and stature of the person. The portfolio should not be too crowded and look too massive. The ideal choice is a product made of genuine leather in black, brown or burgundy shades.

4. Watches.

Some stylists call the watch the main accessory of men’s style, which can emphasize the owner’s status or indicate a lack of taste. The classic business image is preferably complemented by a watch with a mechanical mechanism, hands and a strap of leather. Quartz model is considered more practical and easy to use, but it will simplify the image.

When choosing a watch, avoid deliberately luxurious products, every detail of which indicates a huge value. It is sufficient to purchase a solid watch with a well-known brand in the medium price range. Relevant at all times are watches Rolex, Swatch, Bulgari, Rado.

5. Cufflinks.

The main thing to remember is that the cufflinks and the tie pin are a single set, in which the style and design are respected. The shape and material should preferably be selected restrained – this will emphasize a sense of style and elegance.

Cufflinks are an accessory, the impression of which is directly proportional to its size. Despite the tiny size, cufflinks are the final, the most striking accent of the image. However, an accessory that is chosen in an inappropriate situation, or of poor quality, will ruin the image.

Cufflinks can be worn in two cases:

On shirts with double cuffs;

with an evening suit, in which case the cuff may not be a double cuff.

If you plan to use other jewelry in your image – rings, chains, they should make a single set with the cufflinks.

This is important! If cufflinks bring you a certain discomfort, choose the shirts with a single cuff. But remember that this accessory demonstrates your desire for a perfect image.

6. Tie clip.

This accessory is in plain sight, so stylists recommend choosing the simplest possible design of a tie clip, without excessive glitter. You should not neglect this detail, because the clip is not just a decorative accessory, first of all it is a functional detail that keeps the tie from gusts of wind.

A properly worn clip must be visible when the jacket is closed. Today, brooches are very popular; they are used instead of clips when one wants to give a more artistic image.

Opinion of stylists

To select exclusive, expensive accessories for a business suit, it is necessary to have certain skills and, of course, taste. Many modern accessories are created with a share of humor, so it will take a certain courage to choose details in this style. If you’re feeling insecure, limit your choices to just a watch. Today, the pinnacle of elegance and style is the ability to match disparate elements into a single set.

7. Wallet.

It is preferable to choose genuine leather, the shade of which combines with all the leather details of the image, above all this applies to the briefcase. It is desirable to have a wallet in harmony with the shade and texture of a pant belt or shoes, but such a solution, despite the sophistication, is still impractical.

The color scheme is classical – the traditional black and brown shades, also popular are wallets in burgundy tones, cognac shades, gray and chocolate colors.

The most actual variant is a modest size wallet with the minimal amount of accessories, but with different compartments for credit cards and money. Do not put business cards in a purse, you should buy a business card holder or organizer for this purpose.

8. Fountain pen.

A detail that certainly attracts the attention of business partners, especially if you have to sign documents. Correctly chosen accessory can reflect the real status of the man, his success.

Believe that signing an important agreement with a prestigious pen will complement the overall impression of you as a solid and reliable partner. Choose famous brands like Parker, Sheatter, Mont Blanc and Cross and your image will gain business luster and status.

9. Belt.

This detail of the image has its roots in the distant past – a man’s belt was a mandatory part of armor, it was used to protect the most vulnerable part of the body – the abdomen. In the modern Russian language there is such a concept as “plaid”, that is – sloppy, unkempt.

Thus, the belt on the one hand demonstrates your nobility, and on the other hand – elegance and neatness.

There are certain rules for wearing trouser belts:

The belt should harmonize with the shade and texture of your shoes and briefcase, preferably also with the watch strap;

the buckle on a belt should repeat the tone of the metal of the wristwatch dial;

It is allowed to have a harmonious combination of a belt and tie, in this case it is appropriate to choose a tie of an original, fashionable shade, for example, eggplant or ripe cherry.

Another important rule in choosing a trouser belt is the unity of style. That is, the style of the belt should emphasize the overall stylistics of the closet and shoes. In a set with a restrained, classic, business suit, a simple leather belt of medium width without decor and accessories looks the most advantageous.


10. Umbrella.

This detail should not stand out from the overall image, so you should give preference to classic models of gray or black color. The construction of an umbrella does not matter, it can be a cane or a folding accessory, but most importantly it must be of high quality, and with a wooden or leather handle.

We have considered ten basic accessories that can transform the male image, reflecting elegance and a sense of style. Remember, a well-chosen accessory is not just an attractive and fashionable image, it is an opportunity to gain the support and trust of reliable business partners and to build a successful career.

How do guys match accessories?

There is no one answer to this question, as it can vary depending on the guy’s personal style. However, some general tips to matching accessories include:
Keeping things cohesive: Try to choose accessories that have a similar color palette or design theme so that they look like they belong together.
Coordinating with your outfit: If you’re wearing a colorful or patterned shirt, for example, try to stick to simpler accessories in order not to clash. Conversely, if you’re wearing a plain shirt, you can afford to be more adventurous with your accessories.

How do you accessorize a man’s suit?

Different suits call for different accessories. Here are a few general tips:
For a black suit, a white shirt and black tie is best. For a brown or tan suit, try a lighter-colored shirt and tie, preferably in shades of blue or green. Be sure to avoid wearing too many colors at once – it’s generally better to stick with two or three maximum.
As for specific accessories, you’ll want to think about what goes with the particular style of suit you’re wearing. For instance, if your suit has peaked lapels, then you might want to wear a pocket square. If it’s a double-breasted suit, go for a waistcoat or vest.

How do you match accessories?

It can be difficult to match accessories, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier.
First, consider your outfit as a whole. What color is it? What style is it? Once you have an idea of what the overall look is, start thinking about which accessories would work well with it. If your outfit is colorful and fun, try matching it with fun accessories in a similar color scheme. If your outfit is more elegant, stick with simple, understated accessories.
Second, think about the occasion you’re dressing for. A formal event might call for different accessories than a casual day out with friends.
Third, consider your personal style. Do you like to dress up or down?

How many accessories should you wear for men?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on personal taste and style. However, some general guidelines can be useful when deciding how many accessories to wear.
For example, a good rule of thumb is to never wear more than three pieces of jewelry at a time. This way you can avoid looking overloaded or busy. Another guideline is to choose accessories that complement each other in terms of color and style. Wearing too many different types of jewelry can look cluttered and unfinished.
ultimately, the best way to determine how many accessories to wear is to experiment with different looks until you find what works best for you!

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