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Gift ideas for men who travel

gifts for travelers

The 10 best gifts for travelers

Why not combine your love of travel with holiday cheer? We’ve put together our top 10 holiday gifts

Suitcases with wheels that won’t fall off, compact cameras, waterproof jackets, manicure sets and other gift ideas to present to travelers.

1. Delsey Titanium 19″ Carry-On Case

Who to give it to: the businesswoman who spends half her life on business trips.

The ultralight four-wheeled suitcase is a great option for flights with hand luggage restrictions. It’s easy to move around with such a stylish trunk, even in heels.

2. Clare V Intersection Pouch

For the girl who first looks into the city’s club scene when she arrives in a new country.

The lightweight Clare V clutch ($225) is suitable for romantic walks, going to a restaurant or parties. The purse won’t take up much room in your suitcase, but will hold everything you need for tonight: a smartphone, wallet, room keys and a mirror.

3. Castelli Men’s Senza Jacket

Who to give it to: a meteorologist at a polar station.

This sweatshirt from Castelli ($240) is designed for long trips during the cold season. The fabric serves as excellent protection from rain and wind, plus the jacket looks quite stylish. Your weatherman, talking to the penguins, will feel like “king of the world.

4. Fornasetti Scimmie Lidded Candle

Who to give as a gift: to people who value comfort above all else when they travel.

As a gift for the New Year, choose candles with the scent of thyme, lavender and cedar. Fornasetti offers them a festive box with the image of the symbol of the year – a capuchin monkey.

5. Barena Wool Blazer Jacket.

Who to give it to: the grandpa who spent his entire youth camping, and because of his age, has traded in his tent for a comfortable hotel room.

The knit blazer combines the elegance of a jacket with the warmth of a sweater. The Barena Wool Blazer ($725) is comfortable for flights as well as sit-down meals.

6. Cuyana Alpaca Cape Cardigan.

Who to give it to: a girl photographer who goes to Iceland or Norway to hunt for new shots.

Gray Cuyana cardigan will look good on any figure due to the loose fit. So you can not be afraid to order this beauty – you can’t go wrong with the size. The cost of cardigan on foreign sites starts from $195.

7. Polaroid Snap camera.

Who to give it to: parents who are going on a cruise, or friends who don’t take heavy DSLRs on trips.

The Polaroid Snap is a great gift for people who have everything. Cute and lightweight “soap box” allows you to get a ready image in one minute. Travellers can decorate their room with the snapshot upon arrival or send a photo greeting from Paris or Barcelona to their friends.

8. Saint Laurent Monogram Small Camera Bag

Who to give it to: a girl who even in godforsaken places prefers to be ready to meet her prince.

Small camera bag is an essential thing in travel, because it can hold the most necessary things during the walk: a “soapbox”, a small wallet and a cell phone. And bags from Saint Laurent ($1150) with multicolored prints will also be suitable for evening out.

9. Row Sweater.

Who to present: a lady who is panically afraid of the cold.

Although Russians are more adapted to the climate with harsh winters than residents of other countries of the former CIS, but still do not really like the onset of cold weather.

If you have a friend, which in the cold season can not be taken out of the apartment – give her for New Year’s oversize sweater. Let the girl will be cozy in it, as under the home plaid.

gifts for travelers

10. Herschel Duffel Bag

Who to give as a gift: to someone who even during the vacations does not miss sports activities.

The sports bag from Herschel ($80) is reliable, stylish and functional. The bottom has a special side pocket for shoes – a valuable find for those who work out until the seventh sweat.

What to get the man who travels?

A travel pillow, travelers notebook, personalized luggage tag, and a duffle bag.
When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the man who travels, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, getting him something that he can use on his adventures is always a good idea. Something like a travel pillow, travelers notebook, or personalized luggage tag is always a safe bet. Additionally, consider getting him something practical like a duffle bag – this will come in handy whether he’s going on a weekend getaway or taking an extended trip. No matter what you choose, just make sure it’s something that he’ll appreciate and use – after all, that’s what matters most!

What to gift someone who likes Travelling?

A great gift for someone who likes travelling is a travel journal. You can find some really nice ones online or in stores. They usually have a lot of different sections for you to write about your experiences, what you saw, where you went, and so on. It’s a really cool way to keep track of all your travels and look back on them later!

What to give your boyfriend when he travels?

Here are a few things you could give your boyfriend when he travels:
-A book that he’s been wanting to read
-Tickets to a show or game in the city where he’s traveling to
-A jar of his favorite home-cooked meal or a food item that is difficult to find in other parts of the world
-A gift certificate to his favorite restaurant or store in the city he’s visiting
-Some local currency from the country he is visiting

What do you get for the man with everything?

There’s no one definitive answer to this question, as the man who has everything might want (and thus require) different things. However, some potential gifts that could be appreciated by a man who has everything include unique experiences such as a VIP racing experience or a hot air balloon ride; luxurious items such as an exquisite watch or a handmade suit; or rare collectibles such as a first edition of a classic book or an antique bottle of wine.

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