Whitcom & Shaftesbury Experience Why a man should have a bespoke suit

Why a man should have a bespoke suit

man should have a bespoke suit

Men’s tailored suit – a tribute to fashion or a necessity?

It is believed that the real fashionistas are women, then why, the popularity of the service “Men’s clothing to order” is growing so much? Luxury, elegance and uniqueness – these epithets apply to men’s closet as well. The choice is yours, you can buy a ready-made suit of well-known European brand or order individual tailoring of high-quality fabric, you can choose the color and style of the suit yourself and not choose from the range of presented in the store assortment.

You can buy each detail of your closet, for example a shirt, in a boutique or you can rely on the experience of a good tailor and trust him to create your original image. Clothing made to order is a great opportunity to show your creative imagination. The main thing is not to err with the choice of style, colors, accessories, because the men’s suit is a delicate balance between classic and modern.

You can buy or order a suit and shirt; the question is: what do you expect from the things? Today there are many stores where you’ll find a huge selection of men’s clothing, including classic business suits and accessories.  But if you need something “to go out” – a tuxedo or a tailcoat, then the choice is limited, there are not many proposals such exclusive things that would correspond to the dress – code of the formal event. As a consequence, either buy what is, or do not compromise and self-select fabric, model, color and finish, based on your personal preferences and taste. In this matter, you can also use the services of a stylist or someone whose taste you trust. In the atelier, you can also order a shirt that you will wear to the event, which will sit perfectly on you and match your suit.

Stylish, elegant pieces that fit perfectly are usually clothes made to order. Some men have a non-standard shape and it can be difficult for them to find a suit and a shirt, in which case, custom tailoring is the way out. Many respected and famous people do not hesitate to use this service, as they prefer to wear unique things, which they will not see on someone else, coming to a formal event.

Custom tailoring for men’s suits

In London you can find several famous boutiques – ateliers, tailoring men’s suits, such as Chester Barrie, Ede & Ravenscroft, etc., and many well-known luxury brands also offer tailoring services. It is in such boutiques that the elite dress. In Russia, it is less developed, as our men prefer to buy either ready-made suits or to shop abroad. Men I know in Moscow use the services of the “Imperial Tailor” atelier.

Types of men’s suits 

If you decide to make clothes to order, when choosing an atelier, be careful. It is better to contact the tailor by recommendation. If your acquaintance uses custom tailoring services and you like the items of clothing he made to order, find out the name of the tailor and the tailor, they can often be different people. Atelier is like a hairdresser’s, you go to a particular specialist, not a salon. If you manage to find a good tailor, you’re in luck, you’ll look stunning in a tailored garment, provided you and your tailor have taste.

Fabric for men’s suits

As I mentioned above, in the atelier you have the opportunity to choose fabric, color and accessories. In a good tailor’s shop you will be offered a variety of fabrics for different “tastes and purses”. If the atelier does not have the materials, then you have to choose a fabric yourself, and this is already more complicated. The material has to be appropriate to make your suit look perfect. When choosing a fabric, pay attention to its composition, it is better if the wool content in the fabric is no less than 55%, for summer suits, the fabric may contain silk, cotton or linen. If the fabric has about 5% of elastan in it, it means that the fabric will not wrinkle too much, and the suit will hold its shape better. The cloth of the highest quality wool is marked SUPER, the figures 110 `s – 180 `s mean the thickness of the thread, the higher is the value, the thinner is the thread, and thus the fabric will be more expensive and of high quality. For the lining it is better to choose a thin fabric of viscose, cupro or acetate, as silk can leave sweat stains. The best manufacturers of suit cloth are Mario Zegna, Loro Piana, Cerruti etc.

Types of men's suits

Men’s shirt fabric

If you are looking for a men’s shirt fabric, choose cotton fabric with a small amount of polyester or lycra; thanks to synthetic fibers the shirt fabric will not wrinkle and will last longer. Choosing a fabric for a shirt, pay attention to the torsion of the thread, the higher the number, the stronger and better quality the fabric is. The twist of thread is 40 – that is for mass-market shirts; the fabric with a double twist (two ply) from 80 to 160, is used for high-quality high-quality shirts. For sewing the shirt you can choose the following fabrics: poplin, jacquard, oxford, twill, pinpoint or herringbone.  The color is better to choose a solid color, you can choose fine stripes or checks. When choosing the color of the shirt, you should consider how it will harmonize with the color of your suit. Clothing to order is an opportunity to order a suit and a shirt in harmony.

Elegant men’s suit and shirt is a tandem of harmony and exquisite taste. If you agree with these statements, then custom clothing is your option!

Why is a bespoke suit better?

A bespoke suit is better because it is specifically tailored to your individual measurements. This means that the suit will fit you perfectly, unlike an off-the-rack suit which is mass produced and likely to have a less than perfect fit.
Another advantage of a bespoke suit is that you can choose exactly what fabrics and features you want. You’re not limited to whatever the store happens to have in stock. Instead, you can get exactly the suit you want, made from high quality materials that will last for years.
Finally, a bespoke suit shows that you take your style seriously and are willing to invest in looking your best. That sort of attention to detail and commitment usually impresses potential clients.

Is it worth it to get a bespoke suit?

There’s no one definitive answer to this question. It depends on a number of factors, including your budget, how often you plan to wear the suit, and how particular you are about fit and style.
Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a high-quality suit that will last for many years, then a bespoke suit is definitely worth the investment. A good tailor can take your measurements and create a suit that’s specifically tailored to your body type and individual preferences. The end result will be a look that’s truly unique to you and not available at any off-the-rack store.

Does a tailored suit make a difference?

There is no question that a tailored suit makes a difference. The benefits of having a suit tailored to your specific body type are numerous, and the improved fit and style will make you look and feel your best.
Some of the main benefits of a tailored suit include:
-A tailored suit will perfectly contour to your body, creating anillusion of an ideal figure.
-A well-tailored suit jacket will make your shoulders appear widerand your waist appear narrower, creating an overall more masculineappearance.
-Custom suits are made with high quality materials that arebuilt to last. Investing in a few good quality suits that you havetailored to fit you perfectly will save you money in the long.

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