Man cape fashion

Man cape fashion

The 5 hottest men’s raincoats for this fall and how to choose them

A man should look like he bought his clothes wisely, put them on neatly and absolutely forgot about them.

Hardy Amis

Outside the window, September is in full swing and silvery with frost. I don’t know about love and life, it’s not for me, at most I can sympathize and offer tea or whiskey, depending on the depth of the tragedy, but I will tell you about raincoats.

Trench Coat.

A trench coat with a military alignment and pedigree. Topical, stylish, timeless. It has almost no restrictions on styles, except that with sporty it will be dissonant. The most actual colors, according to fashion designers’ opinion, are gray, black, some shades of white and the whole range of brown. There are also many colors, for the connoisseur. I do not recommend khaki, such a trench coat will look like a military uniform. But if your style suggests a reference to the military – take it.

White in our climate is best worn only on the expanses of the Internet. However, if your wife is not intimidated by the daily washing of white clothes, you can. Such a coat looks excellent.

Leather raincoat

Leather is on the peak of fame. And do not intend to leave it. Therefore, this coat is quite a profitable purchase. Cutting can be different, the main thing – the material.

Straight single-breasted coat

Suitable for lovers of minimalism, almost universal. Most often represented by models without a belt, but here already at your discretion.

A raglan

A raglan is a sleeve cut. Thanks to him, the clothes do not constrain the movement of hands and “sits” comfortably. Therefore, it is good for large men or those who have a rocked shoulder girdle. I will leave a picture below for review.

Overcoat without lining

Suitable for September days, when the puddles in the morning elegantly glisten with ice, and in the afternoon comes Gelendzhik in the high season. This cloak gives a little warmth and protection from the wind, and at the same time it is easy to take off and carry with you. It won’t take up much space.

Man cape fashion

Are capes in fashion men?

There is no definitive answer to this question as capes can be styled in a variety of ways, both masculine and feminine. That said, there are certain capes that are more traditionally seen as being worn by men, such as the trench cape or the cloak cape. While there are no hard and fast rules, in general, capes that are shorter and less voluminous, or that have a more tailored or structured look, are more likely to be seen as being appropriate for men.

Is there a 2022 cape in style?

There is no definitive answer to this question since what is popular in cape fashion can vary greatly from year to year. However, some styles that may be popular in 2022 include draped capes, oversized capes, and capes with intricate details. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve, it may be worthwhile to start experimenting with cape fashion now to see what catches on in the next few years.

What is a cape in fashion?

A cape is a sleeveless outer garment that is typically worn over a coat or jacket. It is typically a rectangular piece of fabric that hangs down the back, with the front either open or closed with a clasp or button.

What era did men wear capes?

There was a time when men did wear capes. This was back in the era of the Renaissance, when men’s fashion was all about being very ornate and elaborate. Capes were often worn as part of a man’s formal outfit, and they could be made from a variety of materials, including silk, velvet, or wool.

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